Tory BurchVarious Locations

Since the beginning of 2016, Sachse Construction has worked with Tory Burch on several mainstream and outlet stores.

All of the Tory Burch and Tory Sport stores require materials from owner supplied vendors. These materials can sometimes have longer lead times, which could affect the construction schedule if certain phases are dependent on the installation of these materials. On a few occasions, the architectural drawings did not match the code required plan. This posed the challenge of constructing the store to Tory Burch’s design standards, while also adhering to code.

Close communications between Sachse Construction and Tory Burch allowed the project teams to continually regroup and efficiently modify schedules as supplies became available. Additionally, the Sachse team was able to deliver solutions to revise the architectural drawings to code without interfering with the integrity of the design.

Sachse Construction was able to meet all job requirements while exceeding client expectations.