• Size:
    1,000,000 SF
  • Scope of work:
    Complete upgrade of infrastructure systems, remodel of 8+ floors, tenant spaces and lobby.
  • Services rendered:
    Tenant improvement, historical renovation, core & shell
  • Contract amount:
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First National BuildingDetroit, MI

From 2012 through 2013, Sachse Construction managed and completed a $71,000,000 renovation of the historic First National Building for Bedrock Real Estate Service. The project included a complete upgrade of the building’s mechanical systems, while the one million square foot facility remained occupied with existing tenants. Work was carefully coordinated with and around the building’s existing occupants and the city of Detroit. The project included tenant build out on eight floors for Title Source, an insurance company, along with various, smaller tenant spaces throughout the building.

The First National was in terrible condition, and is a unique “Z” shape with narrow floorplates which made for cramped conditions while construction was underway. Construction was also required to be completed while the building was occupied. This posed multiple challenges including exchanging materials in and out of the building without disrupting tenants, and meeting the deadline requirements.

Sachse Construction developed a hoisting mechanism that allowed construction personnel to exchange materials without disrupting current tenants. Additionally, since the floorplates were very narrow, the second shift workers would load the floors with materials needed the next day, thus preventing traffic jams between workers moving materials and workers performing construction duties.