CycleBarBloomfield Hills & Northville, MI

Sachse Construction managed the complete build-out of two new CycleBar studios in Bloomfield Hills and Northville, MI. The facilities, each approximately 3,000 square feet, include a reception area, complete with specialty, branded casework, retail space for merchandise, custom-built cubbies, lockers, changing area, restrooms, and a large cycle theater. The cycle theaters were constructed with several unique features including large vinyl wall graphics, specially painted whiteboard walls, and sound proof walls. The sound proofing was achieved by installing two layers of drywall with sound insulation and specialized sound proof wallpaper on the interior of the theater. The theaters are also individually constructed based on the size and layout of the existing space. At both the Bloomfield Hills and Northville locations, platforms for the DJ booth, instructor stand, and three rows for the bikes were custom built to fit in the existing space while still achieving CycleBar’s brand standards in terms of height and general layout. One challenge the project team encountered was the textured sheet vinyl flooring installed throughout the theater and changing area. The flooring required installation in a temperature-controlled environment, meaning the space had to be enclosed and at a steady, moderate temperature. To overcome this challenge, the Sachse project team sequenced the flooring installation to ensure three days for the enclosed space to reach and maintain the correct temperature while not impacting construction of other components ongoing during the same time. Both projects were well received by the respective communities and now offer a great exercise option.